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One lesson, many benefits!


Not only dance allows kids to get their energy out, it’s also a great (and often safe) way for them to express themselves. Dance improves balance and strength, improves cardiovascular health, boosts cognitive performance, and helps boost the mood.

Music & Singing

Music is a fabulous teaching tool and a source of joy for kids and families. Singing with your child builds: Musical skills, vocabulary, literacy, emotional intelligence and social skills. Familiar songs create a sense of comfort for a child and must be part of your routines!

Movement & Fun

One of the most obvious benefits of children participating in music and movement in a group:  the release of energy. They are allowed to have fun, with themselves, with a carer, or with friends!  They also develop and refine their social skills.


We sing in several languages: english, french, german... And others! Multi lingual activities are not only beneficial for children's learning of languages but also in their cognitive development. 

Play & Coffee time

Have a break! Let the children play, enjoy a coffee, and meet other parents.

We aim to create a friendly, fun and relaxed enviroment for parents to learn alongside with and to interact with their little ones.

Parent's benefits

If you feel like moving, dance is the perfect workout! We work on specific mouvements which help to reduce the diastasis and strengthen the pelvic floor. You can also just sit and enjoy the nice atmosphere.

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